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Name: __________________________ Subject: Health
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Smart Start to Success!


  Did you know that students often consume up to 50% of their daily calories at school? Young people today are eating on average 8% more than they were less than 30 years ago. Nationally, 83% of elementary schools, 97% of middle and junior high schools, and 99% of high schools sell food and beverages through vending machines, school stores, or a la carte in the cafeteria. Research has shown that children who regularly ate breakfast had better standardized test scores, better behavior, and were less hyperactive than children who skipped breakfast. Poor nutrition during childhood can have lasting effects and impair cognitive development and school performance. This Web Quest will give you information on the importance of eating healthy as a successful student!
  What are ways that students can eat healthy before, during, and after school?
  Our class will be investigating what foods are good and bad to eat for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Individually, each student needs to use the resources provided in this Web Quest to write down three foods that are recommended for each meal and three foods that are not recommended. After writing down the foods for each meal, write a summary of what you learned about the importance of eating healthy, how it helps students to be more successful, and actions you and your classmates can take to use what you learned. We will discuss what we found in class and make a list of our findings.
  Students will present their findings to the class and add the healthy foods they find to our classroom "Smart Start for Success" bulletin board. Together, we will monitor our healthy eating habits throughout the school year.
  After every student has presented, a survey will be given out so I can receive feedback about your thoughts about this Web Quest!

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