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Scientists and Inventors


  Scientists and inventors change the way that we see the world around us. By looking into the mysteries of the universe, they bring light into darkness, opening doors of discovery that make our lives better. Every day, we are surrounded by the inventions, research and experiments that have been done before we were born. So, in order to understand and gain an appreciation for the impact of the inventions and advancements in science that have taken place here in America, we must seek out the stories that have made them famous.
  In order to appreciate the inventions and discoveries of famous American scientists and inventors, you must learn what the scientists and inventors did and how their work changed the world that we live in. To help you gain this expertise, your discovery group will:
-- Select two inventors and two scientists to research
-- Complete a "Discovery" page on each person you select
-- Share your findings with the group in a discussion format
-- Determine as a group which invention or discovery you feel has had the most impact on life in America today
-- Complete an oral presentation detailing the discovery and why you believe it is important
  -As a group, you will select 2 American scientists and 2 American inventors from the list below:
-- Ben Franklin
-- George Washington Carver
-- Thomas Jefferson
-- Alexander Graham Bell
-- Benjamin Banneker
-- Albert Michelson
-- Thomas Edison
-- Nikola Tesla
-- The Wright Brothers
-- Sequoyah
-- Eli Whitney
-- Samuel Morse
-- Robert Fulton
-- Samuel Colt
-- Charles Goodyear

- For each of the people chosen, you will complete a "Discovery" page on a sheet of notebook or printer paper. "Discovery" pages should include:
-- Name of the scientist or
inventor, date of birth
and date of death
-- Name of the discovery or
invention that made them
-- When the discovery took
place and how the world
was changed by the
discovery at that time
-- Other discoveries or
inventions that came
about due to the work of
your person
-- How the world today is
effected by the

- Create a timeline within your group displaying the date of the discovery for each of your four chosen people. Timeline can be created at

- The group will present an oral report to the class on one of the four people researched. Presentations will be graded on:
-- Accuracy of research
-- Completeness of
-- Participation of all
members in each part of
the project
-- Clarity of connection
between the discovery
and the impact on the
world today
  Science Biographies:
Inventor Biographies:
  Each part of the project will be evaluated separately, with a combined point total of 100 points possible for the final project score.

- "Discovery" pages - 25 Points - Each student will receive the grade for this section individually based on his or her own work. 5 points will be awarded for each section of the page that is completed accurately.
- Timeline - 25 points - This section will be evaluated as a group grade. 5 Points will be awarded for each inventor or scientist correctly listed on the timeline, with the remaining 5 points being awarded for by creating a properly formatted timeline - title, names of the group members, first letter in the names of the people on the timeline capitalized.
- Oral presentation - 50 points - 10 points will be awarded for each of the following categories:
- Clarity of the
presentation - "Does what
is being presented make
sense and follow a
logical order?"
- Group participation -
"Can all members of the
group answer questions
about the person chosen
by the group when asked?"
- Logical connections - "Do
the conclusions drawn by
the group about the
impact of the discovery
make sense to the rest of
the class?"
- Thoroughness - "Does the
presentation cover all of
the required elements?"
- Presentation style -
"Does the presentation
flow well and keep the
interest of the people
watching and listening?"
  You have completed the webquest! While some parts of this quest were challenging, it is likely that you learned a few things about the way inventions and discoveries have changed our world. Please take a few moments to let your teacher know what you thought of this assignment. Once this e-mail is received by the teacher, you will receive 5 bonus points for completing this section of the project.
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