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Name: __________________________ Subject: Health
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  Smoking cigarettes does not make a person look cool. That is a fabricated lie made up by some high school students who wanted people to think they were popular. This site will let you see the causes of smoking to the body, mind, and soul. Not to mention you make everyone around you smell.
  Task 1: Use the links below to complete the rest of the tasks.
Task 2. Find out why people smoke. This can be done through a survey or just a simple question and answer.
Task 3. Find out what smoking can do to the health of a person.
Task 4:Figure out why it is so addictive.
Task 5: Create a poster about anti-smoking.
Task 6: Make a group commercial about anti-smoking.
Task 7: Confront people when you see them smoking around the school campus.
  1. In class form a group of 4-6 people with a mix of boys and girls.
2. Decide who is in charge of what. Who is responsible for the different tasks? This can be done individually or as a group. You can divide the tasks up so everyone does something different or you can make everything a group effort.
3. Explore the research that is done on tobacco. Find statistics and interesting facts about A) What makes people start smoking? B) What body parts does smoking affect? C) What causes smoking to be so addictive? D) What kind of advertising does Tobacco companies do and are they effective? E) What advertising does anti-smoking programs do and are they effective? F) what are some ways people can stop smoking? G) What are the benefits of quitting smoking?
4. Create an anti-smoking poster.
5. Create an anti-smoking commercial advertisement to keep people from smoking.
6. Write a 3-5 page paper about effects of smoking, benefits of quitting smoking, and methods that a person can pursue to quitting smoking.
  Content: What you learned during this project
- Did you do research for this project?
- Did you use accurate information about effects of using tobacco?
- Did you use accurate information about effect of quitting tobacco?
- Did you give methods of quitting smoking?
- Did you confront someone about smoking?
- Did you make an interesting and appealing anti-smoking commercial?
- Did you meet the requirements for the paper?

Presentation: how the presentation is put together and presented to the class.
- Did everyone contribute to the project?
- Did you use the proper technology for the assignment?
- Is the visual aid, poster, appealing for others?
- Is the commercial eye-catching?
- Is the presentation organized?
  After the presentations are given write a 1-2 page paper on
- Your favorite commercial and poster.
- What information you learned from the project.
- What part of the project you enjoyed the most
- How making the video went.
- Talk to a classmate from another group and come up with two things that should be added or dropped from the next assignment.

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