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Rain Forests



Rain forests are full of animals and plants. They receive a large amount rain every year. That is why they are called rain forests. Without rainforests, life would not be the same. If all of the rain forests were gone, there would not be as much oxygen that we all need to live. The rain forests are very important in keeping the Earth how it is right now.

A travel agency is trying to boost ecotravel to different parts of the world by increasing the advertising and selling vacation packages. You have been hired to make a flyer or pamphlet to sell a travel package.


Why is the Rain Forest important? What are some of the animals that live there?

The biomes that will be studied in this Webquest are:
Desert, Grassland, Tropical Rainforest, Taiga (Coniferous Forest), Temperate Forest, and Tundra.
Each learner will be assigned to a biome by your teacher. You can work individually or in teams.

Find out the following information about your biome:

climate and weather (annual high and low temperature, average precipitation, types of weather)

animals (endangered and non-endangered species)

vegetation (major trees, shrubs, plants, crops)

landforms (mountains, rivers)

geographic location of the biome throughout the world

places of interest


Split your group so that each person can search. Then, get back together and discuss everything you learned.

Each team member should choose a website from the resource list and find information about their biome. Every person should print a copy of the worksheet below and record facts and information about the biome on the worksheet.

This worksheet should be pasted into your book and will be turned in to show that you did your share of the work. You can write down anything useful you think the team will need.

Some questions to consider:
What kinds of activities could people do in this location?
What kinds of plants and animals live there?
What kind of clothes should they bring?
What's the weather like?
What is the best time of year to to travel there?
What part of the world will they be travelling to (*include a map of where your biome is found)?
Are there any dangerous elements to traveling there?


Biomes of the World

Nearctica Biomes

The World's Biomes

Tropical Rainforests and Other Biomes

World Biomes:

  Write a paragraph for each question explaining what you learned. You will receive a rubric from your teacher to explain how you will be evaluated.
  What did you think about this web quest? Feel free to write about your experience with the web quest. Each learner will be asked to share the information they have learned with the class and all information gathered will be accounted for in the next test.

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