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Name: __________________________ Subject: ESOL
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________


Proper Use of Technology


  You will be learning the correct, the safe, and the responsible way to interact while using the Internet at home and in the classroom. You and your parents will be signing a form that states you understand the rules and the consequences of disregard for the rules.
  Do you really understand the rules of using the Internet?
  You will begin by viewing videos with regards to Internet safety. At the completion of this webquest you and your parents will be asked to sign a form that states you understand the rules of using the Internet with responsibility and with safety; and that you will be held accountable if you break the rules.
  We will be viewing this link together in class regarding cyber bullying:

This is another site we will be reviewing in class:
On this site we will be review Megan's Pledge which discusses suicide because of cyber bullying. This is a very serious matter and we will go over it.

Regarding cyber bullying:

Some videos to look at:

If you have any questions you can always ask me or go here if you have a question regarding the internet:
  This assignment is a fill in the blank. All the information which you need has been provided. In order to receive the full credit for this assignment, you must complete this part. Please print this and returned it signed by your parents or guardian.

Welcome Back! ESOL-2010-2011

This year we are going to be working with our computers and the Internet, more than we ever had. It will be very important that you learn the correct way to be a responsible and intelligent Internet user. So, before we begin, I want to make sure you all understand the rules and that you are prepared for the consequences of abusing the special privilege of using the Internet.
I understand:______________________________________Please sign and date:

The Internet is a _____ domain, which has multiple________. The Internet is for the ________, the ________,and for the________setting. When I use the Internet I need to remember that________, ________, and any_______________will not be ________. The following sites are for ________: MySpace, ________, ________, and ________. These sites are not be used in school unless________is given to me by the teacher. If I ________ these sites without permission I will ________ the use of the computer in the classroom, which will affect my overall grade. It is very important to remember that any ________ about me is________; and that I must be ________when giving out information. I WILL NOT GIVE CONFIDENTIAL, PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT MYSELF. This is responsible behavior. If I should access a site, or multiple sites which are considered________and are not allowed to be viewed in school, and I have made a________to view this site, I will lose all ________ regarding Internet access at our school. My parents/ guardians will be informed and it is possible that further action may be taken. If I choose to break a rule, then ____________will be given. _____________is a new way to engage in confrontation, but not on the playground, or the halls, or the cafeteria. This is done on the Internet. While you are in school this should not be taking place ever. Outside of school I cannot ________ what you are doing; I also cannot ________or________you either. What happens outside of school is your responsibility and that of your parents/guardians. The school has no responsibility with what happens in ________and your _______________. This has been a huge issue in past years and there is nothing the school can do. ________begins with the teacher, but it is your responsibility also to be a ________,________and________Internet user.

Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________Date:_______

Word Bank: personal computer, public domain, access, personal, forfeit, Twitter, responsible, blogs, break a rule, protect, friendly, assist, decision, cyber bullying, monitor, safe, digital safety, wise, cyberspace, consequences, privileges, inappropriate, information, permission, facebook, social networking, acceptable, resources, rude behavior, office, profanity, home, calling names, school
  I hope that you understand what is expected of you with regards to using the Internet with responsibility and safety. You may email me with any questions or concerns regarding this presentation. I would appreciate your comments.

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