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Plant and Animal Cells


  Welcome to your Plant and Animal Cell Structures webquest. This webquest will take you on a journey through the world wide web to discover what plant and animal cells are comprised of and some of the similarities and differences they have.
  What are cells made of? What similarities and differences do plant and animal cells have?
  Below are some links to help you find the information you are looking for. Write your information in your science duotang. Make sure you do not copy word for word from the source - that is plagiarism! Your notes should answer the following questions:
1. What are all the parts of a plant cell. What are the functions of each part?
2. What are all the parts of an animal cell? What are the functions of each part?
3. Explain how plant and animal cells are different in regards to parts, shape, etc. Be specific!

You will have 2 30 minute classes in the computer lab to complete this part of your webquest. Good luck!In this section, the teacher leads the student through the task. The
teacher offers advice on how to manage time, collect data, and
provides strategies for working in group situations.
  Now you get to choose how you present your new understanding of plant and animal cells. Each of the formats must include detailed information/illustrations on both plant and animal cells and their similarities and differences. You may choose one of the following:
1. Create a booklet

2. Create a PowerPoint presentation

3. Create a poster

4. Create a song/rhyme

5. Write an essay
  Once you are completely finished your project (including presentation) you need to reflect on your learning experience in your journal. It will be due a week after you handed in/presented your project. Your journal should discuss the following questions:

1. What was your greatest challenge during the webquest?

2. What did you find interesting about doing a webquest?

3. Did you like this activity? Why, or why not?

Remember, as always, I'm looking for quality writing, not just quantity!

Once you hand in your journal, your webquest is complete. Your mission will have been accomplished!

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