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Name: __________________________ Subject: Computing Studies
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Parts of the Computer


  So far we have looked at the computer in basic detail. Examples of this can be found in Topic 1 of the Computer Applications Textbook.
  You must use the world wide web to create a timeline of computer development. Some questions to think about include: When was the first computer created and by whom? How come we have such powerful computers today? etc

Individual Task.
  1. Visit (LINK ON WEBSITE)

2. Familiarise yourself with how the timeline maker works.

3. Go to and click on HISTORY OF COMPUTER

4. Select HISTORY OF COMPUTING as your starting point

5. Using the information provided, select 6 key computer-related inventions that have led us to the point we are at today.

6. Add the date of each event and a short description of the event to the timeline maker.


8. Hit ALT+PRINT SCREEN to take a screenshot of your timeline.

9. Paste the screenshot into TOPIC 1 Revision MS Word document

10. Show your teacher.

MS Word - TOPIC 1 Revision
  Show the teacher the completed timeline and talk over the reasons why you think the 6 dates are important to computer development and why.
  Fist to five options on an indivual (private) basis. Coop learning technique.

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