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Natural Habitats


  We as humans span the entire globe; it's pretty cool when you think about it! We touch almost every area of the land that we have with the over 6 billion people that live here on earth. The earth provides us with everything that we need to survive, food, water, air, and many other resources, and we use it all! What does that mean for the animals and plants? How has our being here using what the earth provides affected their homes and way of life?

Through this activity we are going to be looking at the different impacts human interaction has on natural habitats and communities. We will also be looking at ways that we can help minimize the negative impact those natural habitats.
  Your task is to fill in the provided chart outlining both the positive and negative impacts that humans have on natural habitats and communities. You should have at least 3-5 INTERESTING points (written in your own words) under each heading.

Use the sites provided at each step to help you find the information you need.

When you are finished your research you will creating a poster to show how you can minimize your impact on natural habitats. The poster should be colourful, have a message, and clearly show how you can help save natural habitats.

HINT!!: When thinking of positive effects of human�s interaction with natural habitats think about what we gain, when thinking about negative impacts think about how animals and pants lose.

Step 1: Define, in your own words, what a natural habitat is. This should take you about 10 minutes to complete. Please place your definition on the top of the sheet provided, be sure all words are spelt correctly. When you are done save your work to your user folder (Example - U: /1simmelinka)

Step 2: Using the sites provided research the positive and negative impacts that humans have on natural habitats. Write your notes on the sheet provided, below your definition. Save your work every 5 minutes. Make sure you are saving it to your user folder.

Step 3: Before you print off your chart, have one friend edit it to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. When you are ready to print call Miss Simmelink over so that she can ok your chart.

Step 4: Create a poster on a program of your choice (open office, publisher) about how you can help minimize your impact on natural habitats. Your poster should:
1. Explain how you can help lessen your impact on natural habitats
2. Have pictures
3. Be neatly presented
4. Be colourful and pleasing to the eye (you will need to do this after you print off your poster).
5. Your poster will be displayed on our hallway bulletin board, so be unique!

Step 5: Print your poster.

  Your chart and poster will be evaluated using a rubric.
  Congratulations you've finished your web quest! I hope you had fun learning about how we interact with the environment, and how you can be a positive force in our world to make sure it stays healthy for years to come!

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