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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Moving to the Beat!


  When people think of a traditional physical education class they usually remember partaking in activities centered around a popular sport such as baseball, football, or basketball. However, many people forget about other activities that can prove to be just as useful in providing physical activity to students. Dance is an activity that sometimes doesnt get the credit it deserves for being able to provide a good source of physical and exercise. Dancing can be a good leisure time activities you can enjoy with a group of friends to have some fun or can be more serious with difficult choreographies and techniques. Dance is something that people of all ages can enjoy throughout their lifetime and therefore is a great stimulating activity that can be included in almost any P.E. program.
  What goes into the process of teaching a dance for others to learn? How can you break down a dance in order to make it easier for someone to understand? Are you creative enough to develop your own unique dance to be able to teach to someone else?

Since our class has just finished our Dance unit, you should all have a pretty good idea of how to answer the above mentioned questions. You have all learned many different styles of dance that can be completed at different paces, by yourself, with a partner, or with a larger group of people. Using these skills, as well as using some online resources, it will now be your turn to do the teaching of a dance. You and your group will be researching a dance not covered in class, breaking down that dance into steps, and then creating your own dance to be taught to the class.
  How this will work:

-Form a group of 3-4 students (each student is expected to participate fully throughout the process)

-Find a Youtube video of a dance that has not been covered in our P.E. Dance Unit
*Dances and videos must be of appropriate nature for the class
*Dances must be at least Five 8-counts in length

-Find an article or website to see the different techniques to breaking down a dance in counts
*Must find at least two examples of dances already broken down or steps to aid in the process of simplifying the dance
*Use these sites as guides to break down the dance you found a video for

-Break down your selected video into 8-counts and write down step for step how to complete
*Be as detailed as possible, people should be able to complete dance with just reading off the steps you right down

-After completing the previous steps, create a new and unique dance as a group
*Dance must be at least Five 8-counts
*Be creative, use moves you have already learned and also moves you learned from your research
*Make sure all moves are appropriate for classroom purposes
*Dance can be choreographed to music off a selected list of teacher-approved songs

-Complete a written break down of your dance into the 8-counts you created
*Be specific and detailed; use the techniques you learned from your research

-Teach the created dance as a group to your class
*Have fun and get the class to learn the dance to the best of their abilities
  Use the websites below as good starting resources into helping you complete the tasks:
  Students will be graded out of 20 point on the following items:

1. Youtube Video of Dance (5pts)
*Appropriate for class
*At least Five 8-counts
*Not already covered in class

2. Breakdown of Youtube Video Dance (5pts)
*Breaks down at least Five 8-counts
*Steps are specific enough to be easily understood
*Correctly represents the dance displayed in the video

3. Creation/Teaching of New Dance (5pts)
*Uses appropriate dance steps for class
*Is unique and engaging for students to learn
*All members of group participating

4. Participation in Tasks (5pts)
*Each member is engaged in the research
*Each member helped with the breaking down of the Video Dance
*Each member participated in the teaching of the created Dance
  After the completion of this Webquest, students should have a good idea of how to successfully simplify a dance into counts that can be more easily taught to a class. Furthermore, they should have a greater understanding of the usefulness of dance in the P.E. setting.

Following the completion of the Webquest, students shall complete the following:

Write up written reflection of how you felt the tasks went (1-2pgs double-spaced)
*Discuss what you learned about the process of breaking down a dance to simpler counts
*Was your dance easily learned by the class? If not, give explanation to some reasoning as to why it might have been too difficult?
*Discuss your beliefs on having Dance in a P.E. program and if there are benefits or negative consequences to including it.
*To be turned in the day following your groups presentation*

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