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Name: __________________________ Subject: Science
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________




  Today you are going to team up with a partner and explore microscopes and how they are used to explore the world of cells.
  For this project you and your partner are going to investigate microscopes.
You are going to use the following websites to help you.
Then you will present your findings and put them to use in a project that will follow.
How are microscopes used?
What are they used for?
A brief history of Microscopes?
History of cells, there discovery, and what we can learn from them?

Decide on how you are going to present your information. The create your project to present to the rest of the class.
  Microscope Learing

  __/20 Participation
__/50 All topics are covered, including history and using the microscopes. Also must include all information about
__/10 Presentation is well worded and clearly prepared
__/20 Presentation is neat, organized, and and visually appealing.
  Take a deep breath and relax you are finished.
Take this information you have learned and apply it to the next project which we will be starting shortly.

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