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Name: __________________________ Subject: Science
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Making Magnets Matter


  Wanted! Calling on young scientist to devise a plan to help save the people of Lacombe from despair. Due to the massive thunderstorm which struck two days ago the inhabitants are without electricity. Working as a group of young engineers, you and your teammates will use your knowledge of magnetism to help generate electricity for a few residents of the town. On your mark, get set, put your thinking caps on! The City of Lacombe is counting on you.
  -In this activity you will conduct research to find out how magnets and electricity work together. Watch a video about magnets (Caillou magnet madness)
-Understand how electromagnets are built and how they work
-Construct your own electromagnet
-Research how a motor works, its purposes
-Collaborate with your team members to design a electric generating motor for the people of Lacombe.
  1. Use a KWL chart found here( As a team what do you know and wish to learn about magnets and electricity.
2. Take a quiz at
3.Read about electromagnets go to
4.Download the worksheet and use the resources at your station to build your own electromagnet.
5.Create a hypothesis (plan) for generating electricity with magnets.
6.Find out how electricity and magnetism is related.
Learn about generate one Watch magnet generator.
Watch How to Videos from like Build a simple carboard magnet generator.
Experiment with different sizes of magnets, bulbs, wire size etc.

www.pbskids curious George video(magnets)
Magnet madness Caillou (Youtube)

  Turn in your worksheet and finished product to the teacher. Be prepared to explain how your magnet motor/generator works and how electricity is generated with the rest of the class.
  What part of the lesson did you find most interesting? Why? Use the evaluation checklist to help you identify how you can have made improvements or be more effecient.

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