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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Look Like a Rock Star


  Ever wonder how your favorite rock stars and rappers stay in such great shape? Well, its not by sitting in front of Playstation, XBox or watching themselves sing and dance on TV. Rhianna, Nelly, Britney and Justin work long and hard both in and out of the gym to develop and maintain their physical appearance and endurance to perform as well as look and feel good.

We have been learning about the five components of fitness, now you will learn how to incorporate everything you have learned into a fitness program to help you have a healthy lifestyle.
  The student will design a personal workout plan and exercise log based on personal goals, to implement throughout the semester.

Questions to ask:

*What are the five components of fitness?
*How can I incorporate the five components of fitness into my workout plan?
*Which exercises and components are the most important for my plan to be successful?
*How often should I work out?
*How long should I work out during each session?
*What exercises should I perform based on my goals?
*How many repetitions should I perform for each exercise based on my goals?
*How do I perform each exercise correctly to avoid injury and achieve the best results?
*What are the health benefits of maintaining physical fitness?

Throughout this project, you will be responsible for researching and applying the five fitness components to a personal workout program. In addition, you will have to create a personal workout log to keep track of your exercises and progress throughout the semester.
  1. Research the five components of fitness and draft a preliminary fitness plan. Use either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Submit a typed copy for review. (Due 11/1)

2. Research specific exercises. You must provide at lease two exercises for each fitness component. Each component must be defined by use of text and graphics. Find a picture for each exercise and explain the importance of each component as it relates to the fitness components.
1. Body Composition
2. Muscular Strength
3. Muscular Endurance
4. Flexibility
5. Cardiovascular Endurance

3. List and define the four elements of a workout program.
1. Frequency
2. Duration
3. Mode
4. Intensity
  Use these resources to help with your research.

1. Five Fitness Components:

2. Fitness Fundamentals:

3. Examples of Exercises:

4. Free Routines: (do not copy all of these, but you may use some of them)

5. Workout Chart example:

6. Workout Examples:

7. Elements of Worjout Program:
  You will be evaluated on the use of the five fitness components.

You must include two exercises for each component.

Write a 1-2 page reflection about your project. Ask your self: Did you meet your goals? If you didn't, ask yourself why? If you did, how did you meet your goals? Do you feel better? Did you experience any problems when developing/implementing your program?
Must include pictures of each exercise.

List and define the elements of a workout program and why they are important.

Presentation must be professional and organized.
  I hope you enjoyed your experience in creating your own exercise program. This will be beneficial to you throughout your lifetime. Feel free to occaisionally change, add or omit exercises to meet your needs.

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