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Life Cycle of a Butterfly


  Do you know how a butterfly becomes a butterfly?

You and your partner will learn about the life cycle of the butterfly. Use the links below to help you and your partner learn more about these colorful incects!
  In this unit we have been learning about butterflies, your job for today is to make a poster about the life cycle of a butterfly with your partner and write down the stages that they go through.
  1) We will talk about what we already know about butterflies.

2) we will pick partners to work with, remember to work quietly and stay focused!

3) The two of you will look at the websites to see the pictures of the different stages of the butterfly's life cycle.

4) Complete the "Identify butterfly life cycle stages" and take the quiz, print the pages when your done.

5) Once you have looked at all the sites, grab a piece of poster board to draw and color the stages.

6) Make sure you write down what what each stage is called!

7) Talk with your partner about what you have learned and help eachother write 4 complete sentences about what you learned.

2) Monarch Butterfly by Gail Gibbons Reading level: Ages 4-8



  Once you have finished your projects and your sentences, hand them in and we will go over what you did best and also what you can improve on next time.
  I hope you all have enjoyed this fun project and learned about the butterfly's life cycle along the way!

Answer the following questions and turn them in:

1) What did you like best about the web quest?

2) What did you like least?

3) Would you like to do another web quest?

4) What would you change?

5) Was it too easy? Too hard? Why?

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