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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Let's Get Physical


  With the growing use of media in today's homes, children are spending less and less time outside. What are some creative ways to start getting kids back outside and active?
  In groups, create a campaign to motivate youth to be more active in their daily life.

-Create a poster-board with key points and information

-Create a 2 minute "commercial" promoting your campaign.
  -Groups will be split by the teacher.

-Use the resources to find key information as to what children need to do to live a healthy, active lifestyle and include that information in your work. (How's spent a day playing, etc.)

-Manage the work evenly between your group so everyone does their share.

- Try to think outside the box with your poster-board and campaign ads. Can you find a way to make them interactive with the rest of the class?



-You are encouraged to find your own resources as well
  Poster-boards will be evaluated on their content, organization, and overall creativity.

The campaign ads will be graded on content, duration, and creativity.

Students will be individually assessed by their peers by their work put into the project.
  At the conclusion of the presentations, students will vote for their favorite group and be asked to write a 2 page paper reflecting on what are the best overall ways to get children more active in today's society based on what they have learned through this activity.

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