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Let's Fly!


  You have just read about Amelia Earhart, who was an extraordinarily pilot. In this webquest you will learn about aircrafts and how they fly. You will then use what you learn to create and design your own plane.
  What makes a plane fly?
  You will begin your task by each person taking on a role of information collector. Two people will research the different types of planes. Two people will research the parts of an aircraft. The last group will research the basic principals of flight. You must complete a note sheet to go along with your section.

You will then meet as a group and design your plane, labeling all the important parts. After your design has been created you will then need to gather materials to create your plane. You will present your plane to the class after it has all been completed.
  Types of aircrafts

How does an airplane fly?

Parts of a plane
  You will be evaluated on how well you work in a group, your note sheets, your airplane design and the final product. You will be evaluated on a rubric.
  I hope you have enjoyed your webquest on the study of airplanes.

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