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Learning about Frequency


  In this webquest we are going to learn all about frequency! Frequency is defined as the number of complete waves per unit of time. During this lesson you will learn how frequency relates to sound waves.
  For this webquest you will be working in groups of two to research about sound waves and frequency.While working through this lesson I want you to think about the following questions.

1. Define frequency in your own words.

2. How are the period and frequency of a wave related?

3. If the unit for the period of vibration is seconds, what is the unit of frequency?

4.Why do you think that the length of the string is the factor that determines the period of the pendulum?

5.Do the words "frequent" and "frequency" have anything in common?
  1. Choose a partner to work with (maximum of 3 people in a group)

2. Using the provided web resources find and discuss the answers to the listed questions with your partner(s. Write you answers on a blank sheet of paper.

3. Once you have answered the questions I would like you to meet with me to discuss your findings.

4. After I sign off on your answers I would like you to create a poster listing your answers. You can be as creative as you want with this step.. powerpoints, posters with interactive pieces or any other ideas are great!

5.Once your poster is completed you will present your answers to the class.
  Interactive site-

Word bank-
  At the end of the week you will create a poster listing your questions and answers. You will also create a short report to explain your findings to the class. Before presenting the poster each group will meet with me to discuss their findings.
  After finishing this lesson you should have a clear understanding of frequency and how it relates to sound and sound waves. Once your group has answered the questions you will present your poster to the class.

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