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Name: __________________________ Subject: Family and Consumer Science
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________


Learning about Children


  Hello Students.
You are being asked to become experts in the area of growth and development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. A local day care facility has called the school looking for help from our Family and Consumer Science class. They know from statistics that you may have spent time in day care or know someone who has and feel you can give them a new perspective. They have a group of children that includes infants toddlers and preschoolers and they want some new ideas for activities.
  Your task is to learn about infants, toddlers and preschoolers and apply that knowledge to the development of an activity that the day care could use for one or more of the age groups they are caring for.
  Before starting this task you were tested to see what you already know about the growth and development of children. At the end of the task you will be tested to see what you have learned in the following areas:
d-Age ranges of infants, toddlers and preschoolers
-Age related examples of physical, mental/intellectual, emotional, social and moral development
-How play, toys, books and reading help children grow and develop
-How to keep children safe in the home

You will have 7 class periods to complete your task. A list of web sites can be found in the resources section and will be a good place to start looking for the information you will need to complete the task. There will be a chart available for you to use to keep track of the information you find out about each of the age groups. A good plan would be to use 5 days to research and 2 days for your project. The project will be presented to the class and can be in any format you choose. Format examples are brochure, poster, miniature model or full scale model of activity. Use your time wisely.

You should save your research information to the server
  Toy eval website-

Importance of play-

Ages/stages of development-


Moral development-

General information on children
  Project / Presentation
5 -- Commendable 4 3 -- Satisfactory 2 1 -- Needs Improvement
Visuals were clear, neat, and colorful. Spelling/grammar were accurate. Illustrations were added. Limited color or visuals, Minimal errors Sloppy, little or no color.
Serious errors
6-8 safety precautions and care tips were included 3-5 safety tips and care information were included 1-2 safety tips and care suggestions were included
5+ examples of
development for children this age were included 3-4 examples of
development were included 1-2 examples of development were included
1 or 2 age-appropriate play activities for this age were included. Directions were clear. Related activity to growth and development Included an age appropriate play activity. Directions were a little hard to follow. Was not related to growth and development. Included a play activity, but did not have directions.
Did not relate to growth and development.
Age appropriate toys were included and related to growth and development Age appropriate toys were included but not related to growth and development Age appropriate toys were not included.
  1. Describe 3 of the most important things you learned from this unit.
2. What is one thing you would do differently next time?
3. Describe your greatest accomplishment of this unit.

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