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Layers of the Earth


  Today I am going to read one of the books from the Magical School bus Series. This one is entitled The Magic School bus: Inside the Earth. You are going to see how Ms. Frizzles class takes a field trip to the inside of the earth and what they discover.
(A brief discussion will take place following the book. I will then show them a brief power point presentation from (Click the third one down) on the layers of the earth before they begin their assignment.)
  You are going to be like Ms. Frizzles class today. Unfortunately, I do not have a magic school bus on hand but we do have access to computers and the internet. You are going to take a field trip as well with the computers, to discover what is inside the earth. What is it made up of? How many layers does the earth have? Can we actually make it to China the further in we travel? How should we dress? Is the inside of the earth really hot or is it really cold? Today you are going to be able to answer these questions plus many others.
Students will be put into pairs. A clipboard with the web quest will be given to each pair.
  1. The first site you will go to is:
2. Press the button to see inside the earth and answer the following questions:
a. How many layers does the earth have? ______
b. Name each layer? _____________________________________________
c. The outermost layer of the earth is called what? ___________________
d. What is the crust mainly composed of? ___________________________
e. The mantle is how many Kilometers thick? ________
f. The internal heat of the earth is located where? ____________
3. The next site you will visit is:
4. Using the first page of this site, answer the questions below:
a. What layer of the earth is the crust? __________________
b. In the oceans, the crust is about how many miles thick? _________
c. What layer lies below the crust? _______________
d. The mantle is considered to be a hotter rock and is how many miles thick? _______
e. Beneath the mantle is the outer core made up of a liquid substance called what? ______
5. You will now go to:
6. Read through the website together and answer the 10 questions at the bottom of the page.
7. When the two of you have answered all the questions, click on correct my answers. Put that number at the top of your web quest sheet.
8. While waiting for everyone to finish their web quest, students may go to:
Click on the games tab on the left. You may choose to play any of these games while waiting for all of our classmates to finish.

- Computers
- Access to internet
- Pencils
- Clipboards
- List of partners
- Web quest worksheet
- Copy of the Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen
  Questions #1-6
3 Points - All questions are completely answered. Answers have correct spelling and are legible.
2 Points - Most questions are completely answered. Answers contain some incorrect spelling and are illegible.
1 Point - Only some of the questions are answered correctly. Many answers contain incorrect spelling and are illegible.

Question #7
3 Points - All 10 questions on this site were answered correctly.
2 Points - At least 7 questions were answered correctly on this site.
1 Point - Less than 7 questions are answered correctly.
  As the students are lining up to leave - I will ask (as I usually do) what they learned from the web quest at hand. Give me one example of something you learned today about the layers of the earth, that you did not know before.

This Web Quest is available at

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