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Let's Stop Pollution


  The rubbish bins at your school over flows with used writing papers, newspaper, plastic bags and bottles. Empty water bottles fill the bins after lunch and after school.
Why are your friends in school polluting the environment? You must help to educate your friends about pollution, its effect and ways to prevent it.
  You will create a Powerpoint Presentation to.
- identify the causes of pollution
- show how pollution effects your environment
- state how can pupils help to stop pollution in school
- teach pupils to recycle, reuse and reduce
  This task requires you to work together with a team of four pupils. Your teacher would form the groups. Working in a group can be fun, but it is also a challenge. You must respect your group members' ideas, be a great listener, cooperate, and ask questions if you need help. It is your responsibility to work as a team and explore about pollution and how you can help to prevent it. The school is counting on you!
Step 1:
- Once groups are formed, divide the sub-task listed below among your group:
- 1) explore about the different types of pollution
- 2) explore the causes of pollution
- 3) explore ways to prevent pollution
- 4) explore about recycling and its effect.
Step 2:
- Research on the information for the area you must explore.
- Read the information on the website carefully
- Select interesting information that is important to you.
- Record your information in your journal.
Step 3:
- After you have completed your research, share and combine your information
- Work as a team to create a Powerpoint presentation that informs all pupils in class about your ideas about pollution and its effects and your recycling idea for the school.
Step 4:
- It is your time to share and shine.
- Each group must present your Powerpoint Presentation.

  Your presentation should include all assignments completed from each member.
1) Types of pollution & its causes
2) Effects of pollution
3) Ways to stop pollution
4) Benefits of recycling
5) Ideas of recycling in School
  By participating in this activity, you will learn the negative impact of pollution to the environment and how you can play a part to stop pollution .You will also learn the importance of working as team.
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