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Name: __________________________ Subject: Technology
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________


Introducing Technology


  Today we are going to begin this adventure to learn the basics of a computer. Computers are important aspects in, not only education but in life as well.
  We are going to discover new and interesting ways to use the internet to its full potential.
  You are going to use Microsoft Word to record your findings in class today. You will use the resources listed below to find new information about: Math, Science, Social Studies, Communication Arts, and even Cultural Arts. Pick three of the subjects to write something about. Pick a new idea, or an interesting fact you never knew.
  Here are some great resources to help you on your way:
Cultural Arts:
Social Studies:
Communication Arts:

Or find your own using: Http://
  Use Microsoft Word to write, in complete sentences, three things you learned or found interesting.
  Also, on your Word Document tell me what you thought of the activity. Did you like it? Was it hard? What would you have done differently? Write 1-2 sentences giving me your opinion.

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