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Identifying Animals


  Everybody knows what an animal is but do you know the difference between a bird, reptile, fish and mammal?

Animals can be divided into specific categories based on certain traits that they have.

In this WebQuest we are going to learn about animal classifications by being scientists. You'll not only research these different animals but you'll share your scientific research with the rest of the scientific community ("your class").
  You are about to become an animal expert! You will be given a total of five animals to research. Once you learn what category your animals are divided into and why, you will share your expert opinion with the class. Let's go!
  1. First, you will need to know the differences between animals and what makes an animal a mammal, bird, reptile or fish. Use the first resource for this.

2. Next, you will determine which of the following animals go into what category. Your five animals are a sheep, snake, turkey, dolphin and horse.

3. Use the rest of the resources to help you decide what animal goes into what category.

4. Put your findings in your Animal Interview Journal that we used in class.
  animal classification
5 - correctly identified all 5 animals
4 - correctly identified 4 animals
3 - correctly identified 3 animals
2 - correctly identified 2 animals
1 - correctly identified 1 animal

  Now you are an animal expert! Learn more about other animals and what classification they are in by comparing this assignment to your Animal Interview Notebook.

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