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Name: __________________________ Subject: Autism
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________


How to Diagnose Autism


  Having work with chilren who are diagnose with mental illnes, Autism is one disorder that is easily diagnose. Working with one client, the Psychologist complete a psychogolical evaluation diagnose the client with Autism. Using the same information another psychologist diagnose my client with bipolar disorder. The client has not been diagnose appropriately and the client's are not are beening met. This will effect the client's medication management, therapy and educational needs.
  Your task will be to learn about Autism, diagnosing Autism, theories and treatment options. You will write an five page essay as you were a psychologist consisting of diagnose and treatment a person with Autism.
  You will use the following websites to research Autism:
Definition of Autism
Theories and Causes
Autism Society

Answer the following questons:
1. What is Autism
2. How is it diagnose?
3. Talk about the theories.
4. How is it treated?
  The essay will be worth a total of a 100 points broken up in four parts worth 25 points each.

1. What there a clear deinition of Autism?
2. Explain in details the different ways Autism can be diagnose.
3. Clear details how Autism is treated.
4. Talk about the theories.
  In conclusion, you will be more informed about Autism. You will know what Autism is, how it is diagnosed, the theories and causes, and treatment.

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