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Name: __________________________ Subject: Technological Processes
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


How Stuff Works


  The process of gathering knowledge about the natural world is called SCIENCE. The application of science and engineering for practical purposes is called TECHNOLOGY. It involves the use of tools, machines, processes and materials to meet human needs. Throughout history, humans around the world have used technology to support and improve their lives.
  You and your group will research a technological process that creates a familiar object or product. You will then work with your group to create a poster showing the steps in that technological process.
Look at the job descriptions below. Designate one person in each group to perform one job.
Researcher—Researches the technological process on the internet, and summarizes the findings.
Recorder—Organizes research into a simple 3-5 step process.
Illustrator—Draws the pictures for the poster.
Presenter—Presents the poster and information to the class.
  Look through the website below. Summarize the findings into simple language and only 3-5 steps. You will be looking to answer the following questions:
1. How does this technology benefit society?
2. What are the main steps from beginning to end?
3. What images best represent this process?

Go to and choose from one of the following categories:

Choose a specific topic, such as a lightbulb, an MP3 player, DVD, cell phone, fiber optics, tv, etc.
  You will be graded on your final presentation. Your steps must be simple and communicated effectively.
  Write a brief summary on your findings and what you learned through this process.

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