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How Healthy is Your River?


  The fish that live in your local river, the animals that drink from it and the plants that surround it might be unhealthy because the river might be unhealthy. You will become a scientist today to determine how healthy the water is in your local river.
  Do the fish in your local river have a safe home? Is the water they live in healthy?
Today your task will be to determine how healthy the water is in your local river. You and a partner will be scientists and it will be your job to test the water and conduct a study of the health of the water.
  1. Search the web site listed
a. record a list of the
local plants, animals,
and fish inhabiting
and surrounding the
local river
2. Record your observations of the river water.
3. Test the PH level of the water using the water test kit in the science corner.
Create a brochure using Pages on the Macintosh. The brochure must include: image for each page
b. a description of the river water including the results of the PH test and scientists observations
c. a description of the surrounding plants, animals, and fish in the river
  Student's brochure will be evaluated according to the teacher-made rubric.
  Scientists complete the reflection observation sheet.

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