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Help Mother Nature!


  Mother Nature has lost her memory and needs your help to remind her about the seasons.

There is a variety of weather ahead.

Go ahead if you wish!
  You have three tasks you must complete:

1. You have to write a letter to Mother Nature to tell her about the seasons. What will you tell her?

2. Mother Nature has forgotten what the seasons look like. How would you describe what each season looks like?

3. Mother Nature only has her spring clothing, what clothing will she need to borrow or buy in order to be ready for the other seasons?
  1. You will watch the following video ( ) on all four seasons
2. Now you will watch the next video on the season Winter ( )
3. Now please watch the video on Spring ( )
4. Next watch another video on Summer ( )
5. FInally watch the next video on Fall (
6. Now you will then write your letter to Mother Nature.
7. Now you can write about what the different seasons looks like.
8. Make your list of clothing that Mother Nature will need to buy/borrow in order to be ready for all the seasons.
  Use the web sites that are outlined in the process along with a number of resources that you will find within the classroom.
- did you follow instructions?
- did you complete all tasks?
- did you use resources around the class?
- were you self motivated?
- did you work cooperatively?

Completed work
- does your letter contain all four seasons?
- have you described the clothing needed for each season?
- have you described what all 4 seasons look like?
- did you make sure that everything is spelled correctly?
  Great job! You have worked hard and Mother Nature is very grateful!

You have helped remind mother nature that there are 4 seasons in the year. She now remembers that there is winter, spring, summer and fall. She had to go out and buy a bathing suit and sandals for the summer, she had to buy a pair of pants and a jacket for the fall, she had to buy a winter coat, mitts and a hat for winter and she decided to buy an umbrella for the spring (just in case)!

See you next season!

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