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Name: __________________________ Subject: Health
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Health and Activity


  Everywhere you look there are Americans being extremely inactive and eating unhealthy food. People continue to do so even though they realize the consequences of their unhealthy habits. The purpose of this Web Quest is to find out about the hazards of inactivity and unhealthy eating as well as to search for reasons as to why Americans should become active and have a healthy diet.
  Task 1: Become an expert about health and activity be researching the links provided.

Task 2: Create a survey on health and activity and interview five Americans on their healthy habits.

Task 3: Develop a response to a fast food advertisement arguing how their food can lead to health problems.

Task 4: Create a presentation to portray the harm inactivity and unhealthy eating can cause.
  1. Form a group of five students including both boys and girls.

2. Choose one individual to record information and be the group leader. However, each member will be required to take individual notes.

3. Conduct research on the effects of unhealthy eating and inactivity.
-What diseases occur from unhealthy eating and inactivity?
-What are some causes for unhealthy eating and inactivity?
-List some facts about the harms of fast food.
-List general ideas on how to improve health.
-Decide on fun and exciting ways to be physically active.
-Develop a few of your own questions in which you are to answer.
  The following will be used to evaluate your project. This will help you focus on certain aspects to research.


Your group put together a project to intrigue the audience and challenged myself in various ways while creating the presentation.

Your group utilized several aspects of technology.

Your group utilized technology to help with learning about the given topic.

Your group showed the fast food advertisement that was found and argued against it.


The information presented was accurate and effective.

All the questions listed were answered.

The presentation utilized several aspects of technology.

All members of the group used their own notes.

Your group presented some of the information found while interviewing individuals on their health habits.
  In a two to three page paper, I would like you to summarize a few of the major aspects about health and activity you researched for your presentation. Also, I would like you to write about how the different technology enhanced your presentation.

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