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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
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Getting Active


  Young adults are not nearly active enough today. Often times kids believe it is a choir to get active, when in fact it can be a fun thing.
  Why do you believe kids are becoming less and less motivated to be active, and what do you think are some things that could help them to get more active?
  In groups of four to five talk about some ideas that you believe can help kids to want to become more physically active. After discussing your ideas begin to make a poster that you will be pretending to be presenting to the school board and local youth organizations on how they can help motivate kids to become more active. Make sure to include reasons why you think kids today are not that active, how you plan to change that, and explanations on why you believe this will help solve this problem.
  Here are some links to ideas that others have had to help get kids more active.
  In your groups you will present your posters to the class as if you were presenting the ideas to the school board and local kid organizations. You will be evaluated on the depth of your ideas and the reasons why you believe they could help kids become more active.
  As a class we will discuss which ideas we felt to be the best and most likely to work and then also which goals or ideas we believed to be not as realistic.

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