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Name: __________________________ Subject: Food Pyramid
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Food Pyramid Guidelines


  The purpose of this web quest is to have a better understanding of the Food Pyramid and why it is so important to follow it. After completing this web quest,you will have a better understanding on why it is important to follow the food pyramid guidelines and why it is good for the body.
  The task of this web quest is to gain more information on the health benefits in following the food pyramid guidelines
  1. You will use information from various internet websites to find information on the food pyramid
2. Use internet sources to find the health benefits of the different groups of the food pyramid
3. You will then create a poster that includes each food group and describe the health benefits of each
  Your group will be evaluated on the poster and if everything was included. It must include each food group, food examples of each, and why they are good for your health.
  Feel free to e-mail if you have any questions. Good luck!

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