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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
Teacher Name: Miss Jessica Kunz Date: ___________________


Flexibility & Athleticism


  Stretching is a critical aspect of athleticism. Lack of flexibility, attained by consistent proper stretching, can lead to injury and may also limit the potential of athletic ability. This Web Quest will help you to discover the benefits of flexibility as well as help you to learn the proper techniques to use every day.
  Why is flexibility important?
  Chose a partner to work with cooperatively at the computer stations.

On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions, in a couple of sentences each, using the internet resources provided on this page:
1. How does flexibility prevent injury?
2. Describe the 2 main types of stretching.
3. When should you stretch?
4. Can you overstretch? If so, how?
5.What are the benefits of flexibility?

After you have finished answering these questions, chose a specific muscle group that you would like to teach the class to stretch from the following list:
Hips, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Calves, Abdominals, Triceps, Biceps, Back

Once you and your partner have chosen a muscle group, okay it with me so that there are not repeats.

Research and learn two different stretches for this muscle group.
  These web sites will not only help you to answer the questions, but explain specific stretches. Feel free to surf the web for further resources if you do not find enough information about your specific muscle group.
  You will submit the answers to the questions at the end of the class period. Only one copy is necessary per group. Finally, tomorrow each group will take a turn leading the class in the appropriate stretch according to the muscle group stretch they chose and researched today.
  At the end of the class period tomorrow, you will be given 5 minutes to write your own definition of flexibility based on what you have learned from your research, and in a few sentences why it is important to you.

This Web Quest is available at

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