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Name: __________________________ Subject: Fingerprints!
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Fingerprint Expert


  You are a rookie ASIO agent in Canberra. You have to become an expert in using investigative tools to solve mysteries and crimes before you become a fully fledged agent. Your first assignment along with all the other rookies is to learn all about fingerprints and fingerprinting.
Unfortunately one of the rookies working with you is a criminal mastermind trying to infiltrate ASIO. You need to discover who it is to move to the next level of your training.
  You have to produce a handbook on "Using Fingerprints to Solve Crime". You then have to fingerprint your fellow rookie agents and identify their fingerprint type and features.
  Visit websites in Resources to find out all you can about fingerprints.
Print and complete these activities. Use them to write your own handbook.

Use PowerPoint, Word, Publisher or Inspiration to produce your handbook.
  Use these websites,3,Slide 3,2,Slide 2

Some Fun Things to do for extra smart agents who solve the nystery quickly.

  Were you able to solve the BIG Mystery of the criminal mastermind? If not you need to go back and find out where you went wrong. Are you really suited to being a ASIO agent?
  If you found the criminal that means you have passed level one of your ASIO training. Well Done!! Print off your Level One Fingerprinting certificate. You are on your way to being a fully fledged ASIO agent.

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