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Finding Your Own Exercise


  Exercise is great for you, though you may not think its so great. Some people look down upon exercise. "Running laps is not interesting," or "Lifting weights takes too long, I dont see the point." If this sounds like you then maybe you just haven't found a fun way to exercise. Exercise comes in a huge variety of forms. You just have to find out which ones are best for you, and learn how they can help you best.
  Your task today is to research different, exciting ways to exercise, for example: if you like to lift weights, but want more you could rock cimb, to apply that strength, and see some realistic benefits of lifting weight.

Your goal is not only to find one fun way to exercise that builds strength, but find at least three ways that interest you.

These three ways must include a strength, cardiovascualr, and flexibility exercise. And if your unclear as to what these are, you should research that first.
  In order to complete your task:
1. use a computer to explore appropriate sources for possible information reguarding strength, cardiovascular, and flexiblity exercises (if needed)
2. Explore various types of, what you consider, exciting ways to exercise, either through talking to people who are knowledgable about exercise, through books or magazines at your library, or probably the easiest, use the internet and a popular search engine. Working with a partner(s) might help speed up this process. (If you have a workout buddy, it may also be good to find things that you both enjoy)

3. When you find things you think you might enjoy, write them down with a description of what the activity involves and how its good for your body. Then when done you may pick and choose the activities you like best
and may want to try.

Once you've found some forms of exercise that you could enjoy, I encourage you to experiment with them and consider involving them in your regular exercise plan.

There are many other forms of exercises, check them out!
  Once your done, you've found 3-5 exercise activities that you can include in an exercise plan. To complete this web quest you will take the information your found about the forms of exercise you would like to try and present them in an organized from and have a rough draft of how you plan to incorporate them into an already existing exercise plan or use them to create a new exercise plan.
  Did you learn about new ways to exercise that you previously did not know?

Did you find any types of exercise that you actually plan to incorporate in your own exercise?

Do you have a new outlook on exercising now that you've completed this webquest?

Was there anything you did not like about this, or anything you felt was missing?

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