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Name: __________________________ Subject: Health
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Fast Food is Fast


  There are many young people that are not getting their daily requirement of exercise despite the known benefits one recedes from exercise.
  Why, in most cases, are young people not getting their daily requirement of exercise?

You will make a list of beneficial facts of exercise.

You will ask as many people of different gender, age, and culture if they get their daily exercise. Why or why not?

You will ask them if they know the health benefits of exercise? If not your will show them with a list on paper, a video, or a PowerPoint
  Create a list of questions and select random people to answer the questions.
Based on the answers determine if they should be given the beneficial facts of exercising.
Record the answers on a journal and determine the most popular reasons why young people don't get their daily exercise.
  Students can use the following links to research the benefits of exercise.
  When displaying the benefits of exercise did you try different styles and technology
How reliable are your findings?
Did they answer all the questions and did they answer truthfully.
  Did you learn a great deal from this task?
What would you do different or change to improve this task?

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