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Name: __________________________ Subject: Solar System
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Exploration of Planets


  This lesson is a science lesson for 5th graders. The solar system contains 8 planets all of which are composed of different elements. Each planet has its own characteristics.
- Do you know which planets have moons?
- Do any planets have rings?
- Which planets can support life?
  The task will involve researching two planets finding out what they are made of, where it is located, if the planet can support life, the size of the planet, and any other facts that interest you about the planets. Second you will get with a partner and discuss the differences and similarities between the four planets.
  The students will begin working alone and researching the planets they chose. Step 1: go online and pick the two planets that you want to learn more about. Step 2:answer the questions asked on the introduction page and include any other information you find interesting. step 3: after your research is done find a partner with two different planets than you chose and compare you information. Step 4: create a poster with all the information about the 4 planets on it to present to the class.
  Score 1-basic development 2-more developed but still lacking 3- average, did what was required but did not do extra 4- Outstanding, put in extra effort.
Answering provided questions. 1-did not answer all questions. 2- Gave short answers. 3-Provided answers that were sentences and thought out. 4. Provided thought out responses.
Giving extra information. 1- No extra information. 2- Little to no information. 3- Information given 4- information given and shown with support from research
Poster. 1- Little information displayed, not in orderly manner 2- some information given about planets but not detailed. 3- Information displayed meets the 3 questions given, no extra information. 4- Displays the three questions and includes extra information about the planets.

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