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  What do you think of when you hear the word "energy"? I think of electricity energy. Did you know that everything and everyone works on energy? There are two forms of energy, potential energy and kinetic energy.
Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object. For example when you are asleep you are storing energy to use when you wake up. It is as if you function with batteries, during night your are charging and in the day you are using up that energy, that is called kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy in motion. For example, you being up during the day moving around.
  *With the given poppers you will pop it and observe what kind of energy it is using at different points.

*You will then come up with another activity that uses both potential and kinetic energy. There are many materials set out for you to use.

*Next you will answer the following questions using the websites given. You will write the question and answer on a separate sheet of paper.
  1. You will work with a partner, you can have up to two partners in your group.

2. As a group you will observe and discuss how the poppers use energy. Make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to pop the popper several times. Write your observations and discussions on a sheet of paper.

3. With your partner or partners observe and disscuss about the material set out and what other experiment can be made that will use both potential and kinetic energy. Make the experiment and write a short explanation of when you used potential energy and kinetic energy. (Also make sure to explain how you and your partner came up with the experiment.)
4. Answer the following questions using the given websites.
You know about potential energy and kinetic energy, but now give the different forms of energy that are used in potential and kinetic energy?
What kind of energy was the most fundamental for living creatures?
Electrical energy was discovered by who? How long ago?

  Your grade will be based on the following:

*Did you explain how the popper uses both potential and kinetic energy? 15 points
*Did you make a new experiment? 20 points
*Did you explain how you used both potential and kinetic energy in the new experiment? 15 points
*Each question is correctly answered? 5 points for each question
*Organization and group work. 10 points
In this website you can go and learn about other types of energy that are used everyday. There are also some cool games and activities that you can enjoy.

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