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Coral Reefs and Ocean Life



In the Ocean one of the most amazing sights is coral reefs. The coral reefs have been made home by many different species of plants and fish.

We have been studying the earth's oceans and places in the ocean like coral reefs, or places near the ocean like coasts and beaches in this unit. We also talked about how nice these places are for people to visit.

But, did you know that not all people take care of the beaches and coral reefs when they visit? They leave trash there or take plants away from their natural environment. Those things are bad for the ocean and cause damage to them.


Amaze your friends with the awesome facts that you find. Here are some guided questions to help you on your quest.

What is the largest barrier reef in the world and How large is it?

What is the initial source of energy for coral reefs?

What are the three different types of reefs?

Challenge: How does deforestation on land affect coral reefs.

Learn about what we can do to help people take better care of the places in or near the ocean that they visit.

Find out how YOU can help solve this problem!


To begin this web quest start by writing the questions down that were provided.

Those questions were just help guide you. If you find anything else out that is an interesting fact please write it down.

Look at the pictures:

Storm Drains: place that rain water collects during storms. These help ocean water and other water from lakes, ponds, and rivers flow.

Sea Turtle Habitats: Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. They sometimes swim for miles to get there!

Manatee Habitats: Manatees are large ocean creatures who live in shallow parts of the ocean. Sometimes they are called "the elephants of the sea!"

After you look through the pictures, brainstorm ways that these ocean places are being damaged by people who visit and do not clean up when they leave, or who visit and do damage to these environments.

  website: Sea World

After you are finished you will write a summary of what you have found. YOU WILL ALSO BE SHARING ONE INTERESTING FACT WITH THE CLASS.

Each person should make a sign or poster, you will be graded on how complete your work is and if you were able to send a good message to visitors of the ocean.

  With your group members, brainstorm some ways that you could let people know that they should take better care of these places in or near the ocean.

Then, each person will help to tell others about the things you came up with by:

-Making a poster about protecting one of these places or environments (the coral reef, the beach, Manatee habitats)

-Make a sign for people who visit the beach reminding them to clean up after themselves.

-Make a sign for a boat taking people to visit the coral reefs to tell them to leave all plants and animals in their natural environment.

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