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Clouds Sweating


  In this Webquest students you will be able discover,analyze,and summarize the water cycle including evaporation,condensation,and precipitation.Students you will also be using the links in the Webquest to discover if rain really comes from clouds sweating.
  1.Students will understand that water remains in the same locations longer than others.
2.Students will use reading comprehension skills.
3.Students will know the terms associated with the water cylce(collection,evaporation,condensation,precipitation.)
At the end of the lesson each student should be able to reproduce and test at 100%.
S4E3. Students will differentiate between the states of water and how they relate to the water cycle and weather.
(d)Explain the water cycle (evaporation,condensation,and precipitation).
S4CS5.Students will communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly.
(d)Locate scientific information in reference books,back issues of newspapers and magazines,CDROMs,and computers databases.
  Students will have three different links one would be an experiment,the purpose of this experiment is see what happenes when ice and hot water is used together.The next link will be a video on water cycle,and the last link an article on What is The Water Cycle?
  Students will write a paper on What is the Water Cycle and answer questions on the video,and the experiment.
  At the end of this unit,students should be able understand the true misconceptions of rain comes from clouds sweating.

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