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  Cloning is an essential tool in biotechnology. A clone is an exact genetic copy. Therefore, when your cells undergo mitosis they are essentially cloning themselves. Cloning is also done with bacteria in order to produce copies of recombinant DNA with a gene of interest. The gene is than transcribed into a protein and could have many uses such as in pharmaceuticals. In recent years companies have even developed technologies to clone your pet for a heavy price tag. Can you think of other uses of cloning? Do you think cloning is ethical? Can you foresee any issues with cloning? Would you want a clone?
  You make pick one of 2 job titles:

1: Researcher - your job is to write up a proposal about a gene of interest you need to clone. For example this can be for a protein such as an enzyme that people with a particular disorder lack. You need to convince the head of your company why you think this is a good idea and why you think it will work.


2. You are opening your own business in which you will be cloning pets. You need to make some kind of ad (you may use PPT, a pod cast radio ad, a video, etc..) that describes to your client how the cloning process takes place and and the risks.

These will be presented to the class.
  ~ You may work alone or in a group with a maximum of 4 people

~ You/ Your group has to pick which of the 2 jobs you want to do

~ Research: Find out as much as you can about your topic

~ Discuss your plan of action: I encourage technology and creativity. If you need additional tools for technology let me know and I can check with tech support.

~ You will have 3-4 class periods to work on this. The rest must be done on your own time.
  Make sure you cite all of your sources.

Some great web sites to start you off are:
  See my rubric here:

You will have to create a username or password. If you have problems with this see me and I will give you a hard copy.
  Hopefully,this quest will help you fully grasp the concept of cloning. :)

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