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Cleaning Matter


  This web quest will cause students to discern The classifications of matter, states of matter, and properties and changes of matter, . Students will have to explain what happens to oil when in comes into contact with salt water. This is a real world application that will engage students in critical thinking as they review the consequences of the solutions.
  You and your family are planning to vacation at your new summer home located on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Santa Rosa Beach located near Panama City, Florida is located on the shoreline in the Gulf of Mexico and is one the most beautiful places to vacation in the United States. Your looking forward to a week of fun and relaxation as you enjoy a break from your chemical engineering job at British Petroleum Oil. You cant wait to take a dip in the clear waters that dot the beach and lay in the sand and tan. However lately people have refrained from swimming in the ocean because large man-eating sharks have been spotted swimming nearby due to a lack of oxygen in the deeper waters. Even little tar balls have started to wash ashore. Your colleagues at BP Oil have not capped the oil well leak way out in the Gulf of Mexico and now its starting to affect your life. Suddenly your cell phone rings and its the CEO (main boss) of BP Oil asking you to put together a team of people (your choice) and solve the oil slick problem. He does not want you all to worry about the leak, someone else will hopefully solve that problem, he only wants your team to come with a solution to keep the oil from washing ashore. He wants it done quickly because weather forecasters are tracking a tropical disturbance they fear could turn toward the oil slick and disrupt the skimming boats that are siphoning the oil from the water. You are a chemical engineer so what is your plan? How exactly (in detail) does your plan work? What if any would be the adverse short term and long term effects of your plan?
  Students will be divided into groups of 4
*One student will be the chemical engineer- provides solutions
*One person will the procurement specialist.- makes sure team has
what it needs.
*One student will be the operations manager- applies the solutions
*One student will be the secretary (copies down notes-solutions-

Students will be required to put together a poster explaining their solutions.

To save time the web quest will point students in the direction he/she needs to complete the task.
  Students will be required to put together a poster explaining their solutions.
  Discuss with members of other groups what their poster includes and how they different from each other.

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