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Name: __________________________ Subject: Nutrition
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Be Fit, Eat Smart!


  How many people can say they have the best eating habits and that they are active routinely...........not many. In fact many of us are not doing our bodies any good due to the way we feed ourselves. Although playing sports, exercising, and running around are a great way to be healthy and may be seen as key way to stay healthy, a proper nutritious diet will take you much further in life and health when combined with an active lifestyle.

How many of you skip breakfast, eat large late night snacks, eat snack foods for lunch, go off campus for lunch each day, and drink pop with every meal.
These are the types of things that can put you at severe risks for malnutrition and future health concerns. These behaviors dont support physical activity. Most of us know that junk food is bad, but we aren't sure what exactly healthy eating looks like and how it affects our body physically. This web quest will allow you to explore the fundamentals of nutrition and give you general guideline of what to eat, how much to eat each day, and how food affects your body.

It is your job to research what the proper diet should look like.

You and a partner will get together and search online for articles that tell the readers what a person should eat and why it is important to eat those items.
  What are the key guidelines that one should follow when having a well balanced and nutritious diet?

Your job is to research and find why just being active isn't enough to be healthy. It is your job to look up information online and from the links stated below, to help give yourself a good idea of what a good diet looks like.

I want you to understand what a well balanced nutritional diet looks like and what proper eating can do for your mind and body.

Follow the directions below to get started.
  First, create a group with 2-3 partners per group.
Second, decide how you are going to organize and keep your information. Make sure one of you writes down the information you received from the internet. Decide who will take what role in the group (note taker, online researcher, leader, etc.) Make sure that everyone is contributing to the group in some way.
Every group will complete part 1, 2, and 3 (All three). Your group will also need complete either part 4 or 5 based on which you prefer (only do one of the two).

1. Begin to search online about proper diet and nutrition, and what an everyday meal should look like.
-Pay attention to things such as: mypyramid, portion size, calorie intake, food groups, healthy foods within those food groups, and what each meal should contain.
Once you have found sufficient websites to get information from begin to work on part #2.

2. Develop a power point showing what the proper diet should look like:
- What foods to eat? (the main food groups)
- How much to eat? (serving size)
- What foods are good to eat in order to meet each of the required guidelines for the food groups?
- Explain the mypyramid
- etc.
*Use pictures of the foods or things related to a healthy diet

3. Write a one page summary comparing each of your group members diets with the recommended daily diet. (Double spaced)

4. Research one food from each food group, and give a description of it
- Name the food
- What group it belongs to
- What macronutrient it is made of (Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein)?
- What type of nutrients does the food hold a lot of, or what special qualities does it have (low calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants)?

5. Conduct more research on how a proper diet and healthy eating can influence your physical performance and body. (Stress, sleeping, body fat amounts, cognition(the brain and thinking), athletic performance, learning, growth and development etc.)
Summarize your findings in three or less paragraphs.

6. Save all your documents, print them out, and turn them in the following class period.
  These links will help get you started: - tips for diet
  Each group will be graded on the output of their research/project materials using the rubric given below:
Scores range from 1-4: 1 being the worst and 4 being the best. The more points you accumulate the better the grade.
If you have any questions about grading I will be happy to answer them.

1. The PowerPoint is unorganized with false information
2. The PowerPoint has reliable information and is somewhat organized
3. The PowerPoint is easy to follow and understand, it is organized
4. The PowerPoint flows well, is easy to understand, looks professional, and is well organized

Diet Comparison:
1. Students explanation is not understandable, they are unable to compare or contrast both diets
2. Student is able to see how diet is different but cannot explain well enough, ideas are unorganized
3. Student understands how their diet is different but has difficulty elaborating, ideas are understandable
4. Students understands and explains how their diet is different, they compare both diets, have organized ideas

Food Research OR Diet effects on mind and body:
1. Work does not answer all of the information asked, work is unorganized and sloppy
2. Work is unorganized and has a difficult job explaining the overarching question
3. Work is somewhat detailed and understandable, but moderately organized
4. Work has a detailed description of the food or its effect

Grammar and Spelling
1. Student work has too many spelling errors and/or grammatical errors.
2. Written research has multiple misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
3. Written research has no more than four misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
4. Written research has no misspellings or grammatical errors.

Neatness and Creativity:
1. Work is Illegible.
2. Work has three or four areas that are sloppy.
3. Work has one or two areas that are sloppy.
4. Work is neatly done.

Each group will also receive a grade on how well I believe they participated and communicated with each other. They will get a 1-4 (1=worst, 4=excellent).
  The web quest that you completed hopefully gave each of you insight on how to improve your diet, as well as what a healthy diet looks like. It will also have hopefully shown you how your diet can affect the mind and body.

I would like to you to answer the following questions on a piece of paper and turn them in once you are finished. (you have until tomorrow to turn them in)

1. What did you like about using the web quest?
2. Write down 5 things that you learned from completing the web quest?
3. What would you change in the future if you were to perform this web quest (Your group work or aspects my web quest)?

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