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Name: __________________________ Subject: Physical Education
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Avoid Inactivity


  Everywhere you look in the United States today, there are far too many overweight and obese people. A big portion of the problem is the lack of physical activity Americans get daily. Despite all of the documented benefits of physical activity, Americans still cannot find time in their busy schedules to obtain at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. The purpose of this webquest is to discover the benefits of obtaining 60 minutes of physical activity daily. The dangers of not receiving enough physical activity will also be examined. Also, students are going to be asked to gauge their own physical activity habits and determine if they are receiving enough physical activity.
  Task 1: Become an expert about physical activity by exploring the links provided.

Task 2: Create a 5-10 question survey to provide classmates to collect data on students physical activity.

Task 3: Create a 10 minute interactive presentation regarding the physical activity habits of classmates and how physical activity can benefit everybody.
  Form a group of 3-4 students that you feel can work well with you.

Decide how the workload will be split amongst the group members.

Conduct research on physical activity/inactivity in America. Consider the following questions while researching:
> What physiological effect does physical activity have on the body?
> How much physical activity is enough?
> How much physical activity does the average American receive daily?
> What are the potential dangers of physical inactivity?

Develop and conduct a 10 question survey regarding physical activity for your classmates to take.

> Did you provide current and relevant information in the presentation.
> Was your information appropriate in terms of the overall subject?
> Was your information presented in an understandable manner?

> Was your presentation enjoyable and engaging for all the students.

Group Self-Evaluation:
> Did each group member contribute equally to the presentation.
  In a 1-2 page paper, write a concluding statement about what you learned from this process. Attempt to answer the following questions:
> what was the most interesting fact you learned about physical activity/inactivity
> Do you feel that you receive enough physical activity?
> Do you plan on changing your physical activity habits from this activity?

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