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Name: __________________________ Subject: Fostering Animals
Teacher Name:___________________ Date: ___________________


Animals Need Homes Too


  While helping your parents clean out the garage, you discover a shocking surprise! There is a large family of cats living underneath your families garage. They are hungry, scared, and dirty! This isn't the only time you have seen homeless animals around. You have also seen stray dogs wondering the streets. This time there are kittens involved! Small and helpless kittens that need your help. It makes you sad to think these poor animals don't have a home and an owner to take care of them. What can you do for this family of cats? What can you do for other homeless animals you may find? What can you do to prevent this kind of thing from happening?
  Are there shelters for homeless animals? Is there Foster Care for stray animals? What can we do to help homeless animals?
  You decide that, along with your older brother and sister, you will organize a volunteer based organization that helps homeless animals find a home. You and your siblings will design a poster to recruit volunteers. You will design a speech to raise money for your organization so you may purchase food and other necessities for your animals. You will locate animal clinics for spaying and neutering, shots, and check ups. You know that most people who foster or adopt animals will need a head start in the care for these animals!
  The Arizona Humane Society

Halo Animal Rescue
  You will design a poster for your animal rescue. This poster will recruit volunteers to your organization and provide information about your organization.
You will design a persuasive report that will help your organization get donations. This report will be written in a format that will ask people to donate money or other pet care needs.
  Please write a one page reflection on your project. How did this project change the way you look at homeless animals?

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