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Animal Safari


  Imagine you are a visitor from another planet. You have studied Earth and you know the two types of living things, plants and animals that exist on Earth. You also know there are more than one million different types of animals living almost everywhere on Earth. You also know scientist believe there may be more than one million animals that have never been seen or are unidentified. Your goal is to find and study animals - all of them from ants to zebras! Maybe you will even find a new animal that has not yet been identified.
  1. You have found that scientists decide a living thing is an animal if they have certain characterisitcs. What are the 5 characterisitcs of all animals?
2. You have collected 9 different types of animals what are the names of each group?
3. Now you want to organanize them into groups based upon thier individual characterisitics.
4. You have found that mammals are very much like species from your planet. In what ways are mammals similar to other animals?
5. In what ways are they different?
  -For this safari you will need to work in pairs. Your partner will be the same as you have had for previous assignments.
-You will each choose a different source to find the answers to each question.
-You may find the answers to the questions by using one of three sources:
--the websites listed below
--your textbook
--reference books from the library.
-You should record all your data in your Science notebook. Be sure to collect picutres of each type of animal.
-To check your knowledge play the Animal Characterisitics game.
-After you and your partner have compiled all your data, you will work together to make a presentation. Your will show your work on a display board
  You may use these websites to find the information yo need. You may also use your textbook and other books from the library. Remember to note all your sources.

Your Science book: Life Science, 1996 Globe Pearson Educational Publisher,1,Classification of Animals,1,Types of Animals

  You wil receive two grades for this project.
-You will each receive a grade for the information in your science notebooks.
-You will also receive a group grade for your project based upon the rubric below:
  Wow! You have completed the Animal Safari! You worked really hard and should be proud of your efforts. Now I would like you to answer some questions about yor Animal Safari Experience.
1. Were the task qestions easy to understand?
2. Did the websites and other resources give you enough information to answer the questions?
3. Was this webquest fun?
4. Would you enjoy another project that uses a webquest?

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