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An Athlete's Diet


  Sports Nutrition is essential for athletes as how they fuel their body can be the difference between a personal best or an average performance. As such as an athlete you will want to do some research into the type of diet an athlete in your chosen sport would eat as a result of their energy requirements. A healthy and balanced diet must incorporate carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins and minerals. However the level of intake of each type will differ depending on an athletes sport and desire body type.
  Your task is to research and discover the a general guide to the nutritional requirements of an athlete for you chosen sport.
  In order to complete this task you will have access to both book and internet resources.
In order to fully use your time efficiently i recommend looking at the resources that i have provided.
During this take you are trying to complete these following steps
1.) Pick a sport
2.) Discover the energy requirements of an athlete that plays your chosen sport
3.) Research into the different food groups and how much energy they supply.
4.) as a result discover the types of foods that could help satisfy the energy and nutritional needs of an athlete.
  To get you started i would recommend using the following resources:
This Website

to get you started

You should however acces the AIS nutrition website when researching your particular sport as it will give you a good idea of the energy requirements.

These three websites together should have enough information to get you started but feel free to find other good resources.
  Now you should have enough knowledge to create a general eating plan for an athlete for a week. It is important that you not only make the plan meet the athletes energy requirements but there nutritional needs as well.
  Now you should have all the skills necessary to create an eating plan. Congratulations.

From here you may wish to asses your own energy requirements so that you can devise a dietary plan for yourself so that you can meet your nutritional needs and be in the best shape possible

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