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Name: __________________________ Subject: Wild Animals
Teacher Name:___________________ Date: ___________________




  You are an ecologist who is in charge of create a "Safari" with tourists that comes to the Africa Natural Reserve to met wild animals in their own habit. They are very excited to met animals, but also they are very interested in know the types of food they feed, their behavior, their body characteristics and many other aspects you can tell them.

In order to do this task, you most follow this plan:
- First you have to find wild animals and choose only 5 that you want to present
- Second; look for information about this five animals (food they eat, behavior, body characteristics, habitat, etc)
- And finally think about the way you want to present them to the tourist.
  You have to create a tourist plan to visit Africa's natural reserve, to do this you will have to design a map in which visitors will know what wild animals they are going to met.
You can design your map using paint program in your computer drawing the tourists travel and importing some real animals pictures of the animals you already choose.
Don't forget to gather all the information you can find of the five animals you have chosen, because your tourists are very interested on know everything about the animals you are going to present them.
  1. You have to get together in a group of 5 students
2. Then, all the group have to look for information about wild animals, pick five of them and then decide the animal that each student will be in charge of look and gather all the information necessary to explain about this selected animal; food they eat, behavior, body characteristics, habitat, etc.
3. Check on the recommended web sides you will find in the resources part to collect information you will probably need to:
  Take time to visit all of this web sides, you will find interesting information of wild animals
  Once you have finished the travel map and wild animal's description, students of other groups will be invited and you will have to guide them through the Africa�s natural reserve, explaining all the information you collected in your research.
This student will ask you some questions about the animals you pick to describe, so you have to be ready for answer any student, any question.
The last part of this session is a game, called 1, 2, 3. In this game you have to ask one question you think you still have about wild animals, then you have to write two thing you didn�t like of the exercise and finally you will have to name three thing you have learnt with this activity.

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