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World Leaders Vocabulary Quiz


Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

Answer Word Definition(s)
______ 1. Elizabeth A. Most widely known Queen of Egypt. She is widely seen as the last of the pharaohs.
______ 2. Isabella B. Served 27 years in prison before becoming President of the same nation.
______ 3. Ghandi C. Leader of the shoguns in what is now considered Tokyo
______ 4. Lincoln D. Maintained the Union of States in America and helped bring an end to slavery.
______ 5. Zedong E. United the people of southern Africa. His efforts in battle are seen as a military genius by most.
______ 6. Cleopatra F. An Indian nationalist that inspired the world with the use of non-violent protest to create change.
______ 7. Montezuma G. British Prime Minister whose leadership through the Second World War is seen as paramount.
______ 8. Zulu H. founder of the largest empire (Mongols) in the world during his time. Many of his empires campaigns resulted in mass casualties.
______ 9. Tokugawa I. Legend has it that he was never defeated in battle. Known for supreme combat and military skills.
______ 10. Alexander J. The first Queen of England known for trusting advisers to make good decisions.
______ 11. Caesar K. Leader of the Chinese Revolution. Thought to be the key behind establishing China as a world power.
______ 12. Churchill L. successfully orchestrated acts of non-violent civil disobedience that helped create equality in the forms of civil and human rights in the United States.
______ 13. Reagan M. The Roman general widely credited with the origin and leadership to transform Rome’s republic into an Empire
______ 14. Khan M. President of the United States who focused on lowering taxes to produce economic growth.
______ 15. Mandela O. Spanish Queen known for financing the voyages of Christopher Columbus
______ 16. King P. leader of the Aztec Empire. Successfully led his people to the height of their success.

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