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Bank On It! Worksheet


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hours      40 degrees      the      them      storm      snow,      their      January,      74 degrees      zero      shelter;      memory      below      with      and      worst               

In one (blizzard) which visited Dakota and the States of Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas ____________ Texas in ____________ 1888, the mercury fell within twenty-four ____________ from ____________ above ____________ to 28o ____________ it in some places, and in Dakota went down to ____________ below zero. In fine clear weather, with little or no warning, the sky darkened and the air was filled with ____________ or ice-dust, as fine as flour, driven before a wind so furious and roaring that men's voices were inaudible at a distance of six feet. Men in the fields and children on their way from school died ere they could reach ____________ some of ____________ having been not frozen, but suffocated from ____________ impossiblility of breathing the blizzard. Some 235 persons lost ____________ lives. This was the ____________ ____________ since 1864; the Colorado River in Texas was frozen ____________ ice a foot thick, for the first time in the ____________ of man.

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