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Simple Machines Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet

Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. friction Bar on which a wheel turns.
2. inclined plane Exerting pressure or influence over object or substance.
3. force The support on which a lever turns or is helped in moving or lifting something.
4. axle The act of a surface or an object rubbing against each other.
5. power Strength or force that can be exerted on other bodies.
6. fulcrum A plank or plane surface put at an angle to a horizontal surface.
7. load To move, usually with force or effort.
8. pulley A bar which rests on a fulcrum.
9. pull A wheel that has a groove in the rim where a rope can run and change the direction of the pull.
10. lever To move something away by pressing against it.
11. screw Amount of work a machine is expected to perform.
12. push Something that produces action, a moving force.
13. tool Any device that applies or changes the direction of power force, or motion.
14. spring Cylinder with a ridge winding around it. It's a simple machine.
15. machine An instrument of work.
16. wedge A round frame that turns on a pin or shaft in its middle.
17. wheel A force that causes rotation.
18. torque To force an opening.
19. work An effort in doing or making something.

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