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Bank On It! Worksheet


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____________ ancient Greeks, originally those near ____________ city of Magnesia, and also the early Chinese knew about strange and rare ____________ (possibly chunks of iron ore struck by lightning) with the ____________ to attract iron. ____________ steel needle ____________ with such a "lodestone" became "magnetic" as well, ____________ around 1000 the ____________ found that such a needle, when freely suspended, pointed north-south. The magnetic compass soon spread to ____________ Columbus used it when he crossed the Atlantic ocean, noting not only that the needle deviated slightly from exact north (as indicated by ____________ ____________ but also that the deviation changed during the voyage. Around 1600 William Gilbert, ____________ to Queen Elizabeth I of England, proposed an explanation: the Earth itself was a giant magnet, with its magnetic poles some distance ____________ ____________ its geographic ones (i.e. near the points defining the axis ____________ which the Earth turns).

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