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Insect Vocabulary Quiz


Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. nectar The eye of some arthropods that is composed of many visual units.
2. angiosperm The second part of the three main sections found in insects and other arthropods, found between the head and abdomen.
3. pollen Any group of small animals having no backbone and three parts to their body.
4. cocoon Last of the three parts of an insect's and other arthropods body.
5. thorax Any plant that has its seeds in a fruit or ovary.
6. compound eye The stage of caterpillars, moths, and other insects that is between the larva and the adult stage.
7. exoskeleton A liquid that is sweet, found in many flowers that attracts insects and birds.
8. abdomen A powder that is yellow, that forms in flowers.
9. chrysalis The silky enclosure spun by caterpillars that they live in while they're turning into adult insects.
10. insect The hard covering on the outside that protects or supports the body.

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