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Farm Vocabulary Cross Out Worksheet Answer Key


Directions: Cross out the letters that do not belong to the vocabulary word that matches each clue.

1) Clue: young female cattle that never had a calf.
Word: Heifer
2) Clue: a group of animals with similar external characteristics that are transmitted (passed on) from generation to generation.
Word: Breed
3) Clue: When something gets broken down because of water, wind or rain.
Word: Erosion
4) Clue: a group of pigs born at the same time to the same sow; most litter have between six and ten pigs.
Word: Litter
5) Clue: Any bird that is raised specifically for their eggs or their meat.
Word: Poultry
6) Clue: Taking place in or on water.
Word: Aquatic
7) Clue: the wool removed from a sheep or other wool-bearing animal; the process of removing the wool from a wool-bearing animal
Word: Fleece
8) Clue: the unique way of life of an organism - where it lives and what it does in the community.
Word: Niche
9) Clue: All of the things in our surroundings that affect the growth of living things.
Word: Environment
10) Clue: to take the young animal away from their mother so they are not able to get milk. This is done so the animal will learn to eat on its own.
Word: Wean

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